Don’t let time pass you by

We don’t realise how time flies, especially as we grow older and our days get busier with more responsibilities. The question is, are we able to stop the time?
The answer is no, but we can organise and be specific with what we want. We have to put an order to our daily schedule and make time for things that matter most. Your time is valuable. Understand your priorities and use your time wisely.
We put too many things in our daily list with only limited time to fit them all in. We need to focus on the most important tasks first. These tasks vary from person to person. For example my daily routine is to meditate, pray-feel grateful, exercise, spend time with my family and read. When I do those 5 tasks I am fully charged to do whatever I need to do for the day ahead.
Here are few things that have been helpful to me and I hope they can help you too.

  1. Prioritize your day
    Make a list of the things that need to be done each day and start from the most important ones. Planning out your day and the steps that need to be taken for it to be successful is the quickest way to stop wasting time.
  2. Say no
    Don’t let others determine your to-do list or set your agenda. It’s important to understand how you use your time in order to achieve whatever you want or invest that time in something that you love and makes you happy. Next time remember if it’s not a YEEESSS it’s a no. Value your time.
  3. Stop beating yourself up
    By telling yourself that you are not good enough or that you’re silly for going to this direction instead of the other, that they are telling you to go, you are just wasting time and energy. Don’t be your worst enemy, try to be kind to yourself.
  4. Move
    Even slow it doesn’t matter if at least you are moving forward. Don’t wait for that perfect moment because it’s not gonna happen, ever. If there is something you want to do or accomplish, start now by doing that first baby step. Do it now!
  5. Don’t overthink
    Take more action than thinking. It’s something that I am working on as well. Even if it leads to a mistake you will learn something, but with overthinking you are not going anywhere. It will only make you procrastinate, feel scared and overwhelmed.
  6. Invite your feelings
    Any feeling is more than welcome. Feelings are not our enemies but our saviours. Feelings are to protect and help us grow; now what we do with them is who we become in life. For example if we feel angry about x and we go out and punch someone, that’s something very bad that we did with that feeling; instead we can let anger pass by and find the cause of that feeling. Learn that WE are in charge and NOT our feelings, they are just indicators that something is going on. Take a step back, find the root cause and make the right decision. You will save a lot of time, believe me.

The last period I was feeling terrible for not writing a blog post. I really wanted but I couldn’t put my thoughts on a piece of paper and when my thoughts were ready to be shared I couldn’t write them as I was at work.
Procrastination and fear of judgement played a small role as well but finally I found the courage to share my thoughts again.
Everyone is facing different challenges and instead of facing them we tend to procrastinate, waste time complaining and regret. Focus on what you are going to do now to change it. Thinking of what you did wrong or what didn’t go your way it won’t make any difference to your current situation. Move forward…

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